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      Public Space
      Zhuhai NasdaqYY Building
      Guiyang Tea Culture Research Development Base
      Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Centre
      Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center, Yunnan
      Yunnan Haigeng Convention Centre
      Hefei Government Complex Building
      Karamay Century Tower
      Shenzhen Civic Center
      Fuzhou East New Town Business Center
      CPU Of Shenzhen Convention Center
      State Administration Of Industry And Commerce Management
      Kunshan Times Building
      Shenzhen Building Decoration Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong ICP Preparation of No. 05016715
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      Floor 11, 12, 13, Building A , Chuang Lingtong Science and Technology Building .No. 1, Shihua road, Futian Bonded Zone, Shenzhen, China
      Telephone number:+86-0755-82525628
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