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      Good News|Shenzhuang Group ranked third among China Building Decoration Industry Top 100 Enterprises
      On December 23, the Fifth Meeting of the Eighth Council and Standing Council of the China Building Decoration Association & Decoration Industry Summit Forum on the Transformation, Upgrading and High Quality Development was held in Shenzhen. Mr. Wu Fug
      Good News! 2020-12-17
      Gathering strength in joint Party construction and promoting development 2020-12-15
      Finance EMBA Students of Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance Visited Shenzhuang Group 2020-11-20
      Strive ahead for a better future 2020-11-04
      Chasing after dreams and contributing to the Winter Olympics! 2020-10-28
      SHENZHUANG GROUP has been awarded 2020-09-07
      Opening A New Horizon and A New Chapter to Make New Achievements 2020-09-07
      Adhering to Reform and Innovation and Making Contributions with the Power of SHENZHUANG 2020-09-07
      SHENZHUANG GROUP Won the Title 2020-09-07
      Creating Value in the Struggle 2020-09-07
      SHENZHUANG GROUP is listed as "Pioneer Enterprise of Innovation..” 2020-09-07
      Shenzhen Building Decoration Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong ICP Preparation of No. 05016715
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      Floor 11, 12, 13, Building A , Chuang Lingtong Science and Technology Building .No. 1, Shihua road, Futian Bonded Zone, Shenzhen, China
      Telephone number:+86-0755-82525628
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