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      Gathering strength in joint Party construction and promoting development
        Source:本站 Data:2020-12-15

              To promote their Party construction and boost the establishment of a bank-enterprise cooperation pattern, Shenzhuang Group and Huaxia Bank Shenzhen Branch have established cooperation in Party construction and held a ceremony, which marked a comprehensive partnership between both parties in Party construction and business development. Present at the ceremony and subsequent panel discussion were the leaders of Huaxia Bank Shenzhen Branch including Pang Yujuan, member of the Party committee, vice president and chairman of the trade union, Liu Yuqiong, director of the Party committee office, Hu Huiqian, president of Yitian Sub-branch, and Li Jianhui, vice president of Yitian Sub-branch; and leaders of Shenzhuang Group including Wu Qiaoping, member of the Party committee, chairman of the board of supervisors, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the trade union, Jing Jing, manager of the investment and financing department, Xu Lianfen, deputy director of the board of directors' office, and Wang Hailin, director of the Party-mass department.


              Both parties had a panel discussion on promoting in-depth cooperation in Party construction and business development. Vice president Pang introduced in detail the business and Party construction of Huaxia Bank Shenzhen Branch and shared the experience of Party construction: First, leaders of the Party committee at a higher level should attach great importance to Party construction and development. Second, Party cadres at the primary level should take the lead and give full play to the role of the Party organizations at the primary level. Third, special attention should be paid to humanistic care and the personal development of employees.


              During discussion, Chairman Wu congratulated Huaxia Bank Shenzhen Branch on its outstanding achievements in Party construction. She hoped that both parties would strengthen communication, maintain a long-term cooperative partnership and exchange information and resources to deliver a win-win result. She added that both parties would promote the deep integration of enterprise Party construction and business to facilitate high-quality business development. Subsequently, she introduced the development process of Shenzhuang Group, and shared the experience of Party Construction. She noted that Shenzhuang Group is among the first batch of enterprises that set up a party committee. With such red gene, it has been giving full play to the leading role of Party construction and laying a solid foundation for development. Especially in recent years, it has been, under the leadership of Mr. Wu Fugui, secretary of the Party committee, chairman and president of Shenzhuang Group, committed to the coordination between Party construction and business to bring them onto a new stage. As a demonstration enterprise of Party construction and corporate culture in a new era, Shenzhuang Group will continue to strengthen Party construction, promote high-quality development and help build the first corporate Party construction park in China as a gift to the Communist Party of China for its centenary.


              During the discussion, both parties exchanged experience and opinions on Party construction and unveiled the nameplate. This joint construction is an innovative measure for both parties to broaden communication channels. In the future, they will take this opportunity to further strengthen communication and exchange and make Party construction benefit business. By gathering the joint efforts of two Party organizations, both parties will seek progress and achieve common development with complementary advantages. 

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